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That's right we are giving away 100,000 Bikinis for FREE!!

No! This isn't a joke or a scam. We are giving 100,000 wonderful ladies our Emily Suit! We wanted to go BIG for this up coming spring season. (Move over World Record Egg) 

The first 100,000 people to complete the following will get a swimsuit for FREE!!
All you have to do is follow the steps below:

This is a one time offer. To get your free swimsuit, make sure you follow the steps explicitly.

You have to do ALL three things listed below:

Once you do all the steps above. Go ahead and check out below. Make sure you follow the instructions first before doing this next step, our system will check your instagram before reserving your free swimsuit.

Swimsuit ships only after the first 100,000 entries. Because of the large volume, give us a 4-6 weeks to ship it out to you. (this is a lot of packing)
Also, because these suits are free, there will be no returns accepted so make sure you get the right size!

*This promotion will only last 72 Hours. All orders made within this time frame will be fulfilled.

Instagram Verification

Enter your instagram handle so we can verify that you completed the steps above. Your order will only be fullfilled if you complete the steps above.

100k Bikini | Emily

100k Bikini | Emily

*Fits a bit smaller than usual.